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Post Subject: GoodbyePosted by markus46 on: 7/30/2008
 Romy the Cat wrote:

This perception I linked, even the understanding of this perception is a truly truly evolved moment of audio thinking and very much not for everyone, certainly not for a majority of audio simpletons.

I had no idea it was all so complicated!  Here I was thinking you just turned on your stereo, put on a record or CD and enjoyed the music.  Put me down as one of the simpletons.

I know you wont mind if I don't read the rest of your highly evolved thinking about audio.  I'm afraid that if it contains more howlers like the one about the turntable upgrade, then it's simply not worth my time.  Not that I didn't enjoy driving a truck through the holes in that position!

I'll end my time with you by suggesting you get a document together of your posts about Fremer & co and make an appointment with a mental health practitioner as soon as possible.  I am serious.

Good luck!


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