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Post Subject: You must provide a Subject for your post!Posted by markus46 on: 7/30/2008
 Paul S wrote:

Markus46, you are not alone in getting the idea that much fun is made at others' expense around here.  But try reading on for a while and see if some of it perhaps starts to make sense as you expand your context.

I don't believe that making fun at other people's expense adds value to a point of view.  Certainly not the foul language and vicious name-calling employed by Romy.  It is clear that he hates these people.

 Paul S wrote:

So much of "Audio" is not only market driven, but it is plopped into a market that has been "pre-conditioned" to await and accept the current latest-and-greatest "break-through" or the solution-du-jour to the problem-du-jour, not unlike the pre-met-and-decided "fashions" for any given season, this by the "audio journalists" whose mission is precisely to SELL what they are given to sell.  Not a problem, I suppose, as long as everyone is aware of it; but at the same time, no real help, either.

Absolutely agree.  And the other extreme of course is to not believe anything anyone tells you about anything; to see conspiracy at every turn.

Assuming you're in the market for a new component, then perhaps the middle ground is to read the whitepapers, reviews, web sites with an open mind.  Then listen yourself (preferably in your own home with your own gear) and make your own decision as to if there is an improvement and if that improvement is worth the asking price.

 Paul S wrote:

Perhaps at this point the Continuum looks to you like some Uber-'Table, who knows.

Certainly not me.  I've never heard it.  I most definitely can't afford it!

My point is (again) that even though I am happy with my Linn LP12, Linn Basik LVX+ and Decca London Gold w/Garrot Bros. stylus, and can find no specific sonic shortcomings, I am open to the possibility that there could be something better out there.

 Paul S wrote:

Lots of non-native English speakers here, some with PhDs, etc., and likely more than a few ADHD, etc.  If you are sensitive it is probably best to limit exposure until you become inured.

Actually the more I've read of Romy's rants the easier it has become to get the gist of what he is getting at.  I find if I skip over the stuff that just makes no sense at all (without re-reading over and over) I can get the message more easily.

Having said that, I won't be spending any more time here.  As I said, I only stumbled across this site and thought I'd take Romy to task for some of his more outlandish comments.  Sadly it is the intellectual equivalent of stealing candy from a baby.


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