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Post Subject: I didn't look at the keyPosted by Antonio J. on: 7/30/2008

so I'm not sure if it's correct following the sound files or not. I got both files, the tones and the key, from the same website I posted earlier, so I suppose they did it right.
As soon as I started the test and noticed how it was designed, the overtones going in one direction while the fundamental was in the opposite, and that I clearly was able to differentiate them, I stopped writing down the answers. I decided that it was impossible for the test to determine my kind of "natural hearing". There was no point to make the test "properly" since you're not supposed to do it right or wrong, you should hear just one sound going up or going down, and I was hearing the two, so I could choose being a pure fundamental, a pure overtone or a mix of both hearer. Not the purpose of the test.

As I see it, it's designed to know how you're hearing, and you're supposed to answer following your instinct perceiving the sound, as a whole, going up or down. If I was hearing its parts going both ways... Funnily enough the acquaintancies that passed the test answered without noticing its design and really feeling that there was a whole tone. Some of them were "audiophiles" supposed to differentiate minute changes in the sound of a system hehehehehe.

I suppose that had I passed this test ten or more years ago, I'd have replied following my natural hearing, which I guess is more of a fundamental hearer than of an overtones hearer, but I can't be sure. Did you notice any natural tendency of yours to hear more the overtones, or you just decided to answer paying attention just to them?


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