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Post Subject: Tone and musical preferencesPosted by drdna on: 7/30/2008
Hi Antonio,

This was a very interesting test; thanks for the key.  My n=2 self-test concurs with your results.  I scored as a pure overtone listener, and I listen to primarily classical and jazz music.

However, is it possible that you are confused about the key?  My girlfriend, who is a professional musician, took the test to humor me.  She also scored perfectly as a pure overtone listener.  However, when I informed her of this she diagreed strongly, saying:

"I think you have your answers mixed up.  When I listened to all those chords, in each case the fundamental was going in the opposite direction rest of the tone cluster.  You didn't tell me what to do, so I gave my answers based on the direction of the fundamental. I think you are confused."

Is she correct or was she just being drunk and argumentative?


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