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Post Subject: Your link is deadPosted by tuga on: 7/29/2008
 Antonio J. wrote:
for the sounds being made up of a fundamental and overtones going in opposite directions. You'd need to know if the X are for the fundamentals, so you'd be a "fundamentals listener" if having many "correct" answers, or if the X mark the overtones, in which case you'd be an "overtones listener" in case your choices match that key. I think the file in the link I provided offers a better understanding of each individual results.<BR><BR>Rgrds


Your link isn't working.

As for the key I had said before that:

 tuga wrote:
<BR>"The more your results agree with this list, the more you are a fundamental tone hearer. If your result is the exact inverse of the above, you are a pure overtone hearer."<BR>


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