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Post Subject: The detectors diodes in REL tuner.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 7/29/2008

One of the ways to drag the REL tuner in the realm of civilized sound is to get rid of any crap that it has after its detector. One of the first things is to replace the 60 years old Germanium diodes with contemporary ultra fast and ultra low capacitance Schottky detector diodes. However, it is a quandary that I have: why do not use the tube detector diodes? There were those sub-miniature vacuum tube diode that might do fine:

I took the REL’s output amps and the follower out and I have two filaments available to drive the tube detectors… So, another little battle of tube vs. SS, only now in the realm of detector diodes. The good part is the REL is made with extremely easy and very comfortable access to anything and to try different detectors is a matter of a few minutes. A pair of new detector diodes, a par of new RN60 resistor after the detector, perhaps a pair of 47pF mica caps to ground and the output buffer for composite signal – it is all that I am willing and able to do with this tuner to make it to sound better. It might be interesting to see how it goes…


Rgs, The caT

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