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Post Subject: Intentional LF delay.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 3/21/2005

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There are no set of laws in there - you have to play with it and then you might ketch something. Certainly for a proper bass reproduction (or generally music reproduction) you need somewhere around 1 sec decay in your room. You might have a large room or to get a longer reverberation time via different means. However, I detected that when I VERY SLIGHTLY delay the arriving time at the crossover point of my woofer towers then I get very “interesting” result. I have in there now a second order at line-level, a perfect Bessel curve  (minus 79 degree). The woofers are ACOUSTICALLY synchronized regarding the arrival. Nevertheless, I always run them 1-1.5 mS later then horns. Interestingly that the very same behavior I observe with 1, 3 4 orders and with other LF modules that I used. I do not know if it is the behavior of my room of a general behavior as I never play with other system to this level of precision but I feel that there is something in it and I more inclined to accept it as an universal pattern.

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