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Post Subject: You are of course (being Romy) correctPosted by clarkjohnsen on: 7/10/2008
I learned The Trojans from its first stereo (and first complete too I recall) recording by Colin Davis. It was a rather cool affair, as studio recordings are wont to be, so I never realized how hot the music actually is until this year's Symphony Hall performances.

And then there was Tanglewood.

How to get it out? In these days downloading seems the way to go, but the BSO hasn't yet taken that step. Until about twenty years ago WCRB was playing frequent rebroadcasts all through the year, but that has ceased. Forget "EMI/DG".

A few groups have done well issuing private label CDs, notably the (great, great) Borromeo Quartet and the Colorado Mahlerfest. Rock and pop bands have even developed means to sell CDs after the concerts, of that very concert!

WGBH has extensive archives of terrific performances recorded in their studios, as well as around town -- never to be heard again.

What symphony orchestras and classical-music groups in general need is indeed a "liberating way of looking at the music distribution".


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