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Post Subject: The industry might screw up the TrojansPosted by Romy the Cat on: 7/10/2008

 clarkjohnsen wrote:
With that Levine/BSO concert at Tanglewood, I should say that Trojans has now entered the rarefied world of the Ring, Mozart's Da Ponte trilogy, Fidelio, and of course Verdi and Puccini.

Actually it is a very good point and I would agree that Levine/BSO concert at Tanglewood “could” be an excellent propelling point to make Berlioz's Les Troyens as the accepted and fashionable  repertoire as the Ring. I can see now clearly that “Les Troyens” does have the value that I would never recognize without what I heard from the Tanglewood event. However, I said “could be an excellent propelling point” not the “will be an excellent propelling point”. The difference between “could” and “will” is in the opportunities of the Tanglewood even to become public and this is a very big and complex subject. I do not know if the Levine’s Tanglewood endeavor from last well will be released publicly – there are so many artificial of sometimes idiotic reasons why it might not take place. Even if it were released than the question would be how it would be marketed – there is a different if it was the small scale local Tanglewood-level label (I have some of them) vs. the main EMI/DG release, sponsored by main publications and marketing spieling . That all will impact the success of the “Les Troyens”.

The problem that I see that industry (and I sell not remind you that the in my vocabulary the word “industry” is insulting word) owns the recording, or they believe that they do. I am sure they will not loose a chance to fuck up whatever they own.  From this perspective my proposal of the alternative audio:

Sound to me as a very liberating way of looking at the music distribution…

Rgs, The Cat

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