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Post Subject: K2HD -yet, another CD format with ‘master tape’ paranoia.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 7/9/2008

This time JVC cape up witch K2 HD format.  You might read about it at:

…though the article says absolute nothing what “K2 HD” is all about. From what I understand is it some kind of mastering techniques that do “everything better” in term of HF extension and resolution.  Sound like a complete crap to me as everything end up with CD format, the brisk wall filter and 16 bit.

I never heard the“K2 HD” CDs. Mr. Winston Ma of First Impression Music looks like very much endorses. I am very sorry to say it but the First Impression Music is completely bogus label that never ever pressed any interesting recording. They claim some kind of superior quality but who care with what quality of sound Mr. Winston Ma records and master the hippopotamus farts. The MA Records’ CDs are very pure music and this torpedo whatever the MA Records is trying to accomplish in sonic domain. At least it is how it was up-to now.

The JVC XRCD format that has so mach glory in the article is also not so glorious in my view. However my disagreement with many sonic aspect of XRCD not as important as my hate of the XRCD packaging – I just so hate it that I religiously do not buy the XRCD. What was in the mind of that idiot who decided to release the XRCDs in the box that is larges then a standard CD box? Are they wanted their XRCD to look different in the shelf? In such case the mission is accomplished. I have selves with music grouped by composers, conductors, plays styles and instilments and then I have a vertical pile of a few dozen or so bizarre-size CDs that do not fit in my shelf. Needles to say that I practicably never pay attention to this bizarre-size pile. The mission accomplished indeed.

Anyhow, the JVC’s K2HD. Have no idea what it is, have no idea what music than press, and I have no idea at what references point of quality they target. The images on the Audio Federation blog indicated that the new K2HD format is released in the same XRCD’s extended size boxes:

Well, if so then read my lips: fuck the K2HD!  I have no idea why the JVC/FIM idiots do it. Why JVC/FIM do not package their CDs in a 5 feet tall triangle box with 140 pounds weight attached on a 20 feet chain? It would make the JVC CD also look different on the shelves… Anyhow, until the JVC/FIM packages their product in conventional-size boxes I boycott whatever they do.

Romy the Cat

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