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Post Subject: Re: Horns and digital crossovers.Posted by cv on: 3/20/2005

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Nice posts Romy and Jan, agree almost 100%. I've heard the Behringer in an originally crummy system and it butchered things completely. The input levels were low, which as you point out, won't have helped at all.

On a vaguely related note: I dunno if you realise this, but conventional (ie excluding horn or large area ESL) speaker systems, even if measuring flat amplitude, introduce 90 degrees of phase shift; at 100Hz, this is about 3 ft worth of delay, and it gets worse the lower the frequency.

From this standpoint, I never understood why users of multi-tower systems (eg the big Alons, IRS V style etc) always seem to have the woofer towers positioned behind the mains. Equally, "time-alignment" of the LF with the mains is a misnomer.

Least compromised approach is proper horn loading to get the delay vs frequency (which is what phase is really) flat and the get the mastertapes and play them back on a machine with 2 heads to get your delay :-)

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