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Post Subject: Re: Horns and digital crossovers.Posted by slowmotion on: 3/20/2005

mixing melatonin and weed

mixing melatonin and weed
Interesting topic.

Anyone going the digital x-over route should keep in mind that if you just put a digital x-over into an existing system you are going to be disapointed, and I don't care what brand crossover you are using.

You have to get the levels right, and IMHO that means designing and building you own linestage and power amps, to compliment the crossover. That's right ,
you'll have to ditch your present linestage and power amps. The linestage, x-over and poweramps have to function as a system.

And , of course you have to construct a multichannel volum control to go between the x-over and the power amps.

Yes, I know that most people on this forum already know this.

More later, have to go and do some work



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