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Post Subject: The "Lucky Accident"Posted by Paul S on: 7/1/2008
How many times have I developed a piece of gear in my system only to hear "the same thing" sound totally different somewhere else?

And how many times have various and sundry "manufacturers" put out a great basic piece of gear only to "supercede" it with junk?

If it is not a plain and obvious fact, it sure appears to be that every once and a while someone just gets +/- lucky, and this probably applies to both manufacturers and consumers, alike.

I admit I actually enjoy watching a currently-"successful" manufacturer use the forum provided by the aclaim/buzz to come out of the closet with a totally ridiculous set of "Guiding Principles" or "Underlying Theories" upon which they have supposedly built their components, or - better yet - their All NEW and Revolutionary line of components.

And you have to love the freaking NAMES they come up with for all their "proprietary solutions" to "problems" they either invented in order to "solve" them, or they simply called attention to and re-labeled as "vital" some very basic electrical or acoustic connundrum that, while important, is really no more important than anything else we are actually dealing with.

Whether the stuff supposedly takes into account EMI or whether it purports to adapt to changing Lunar gravity, it is just plain fun to see how basically Random it really is, at least before it is adopted and adapted by someone with a purpose and good ears.

Keep running it up the flagpole, Boys.  I love it.  Plus, you never know when someone will get lucky.

Paul S

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