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Post Subject: The Tom Evans' Linear amplifier.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 6/23/2008

 RonyWeissman wrote:
Hi,  yes i agree that my solid-state amplifiers were not best choice for compressio drivers, they were my second amps when electricity was bad, otherwise I use a custom made 300B from La maison de l'audiophile for my system when electricity is very good... I am comparing my new hybrid to the sound I was getting from the 300B, or other tube amps that I have heard in very similar systems to mine.

The Hybrid is a Tom Evans Linear A, there is very little information on the website, however your 'favorite' reviewer Sarajan Ebjen at 6moons has taken some pictures and discussed the tech layout in his 'review'.

R Weissman


I printed the Jeff Day’s review and glanced over it in train. It appears to me that there is absolutely nothing in this amp that would make it to behave better in case of bad electricity. Reading my site you might imagine that the calms of Toms’ amps immunity to bad electricity go my attention right the way. I presume that your old 300B and other tube amps were juts very bad - a common tendency and we know that your SS amps were not useful as well.

What the Tom Evans’ amp does now to S2, all that “palette of infinite colors” and transients like no other compression drivers is pretty much whet any S2 user get with use of a properly sounding and suited for a duty SET. The Tom Evans Linear’s amp looks like a right amp. It is basically a low power SET with EL84/6P14P in output. Tom paralleled the out tubes to drive the composite plate impedance lower and get some power output transformer. It is legitimate and it offers even some flexibility – if you would like to change plate loading outside of the offered taps you might pull some tubes out.(Is the filaments supplies and some other thing would permit it).

Anyhow, it looks like a nice amp and I am glad that you got eventually out of S2 the sound it meant to do, your relation to tweeters is an indication that Tom Evans’ amp might have good sound – but I think you need to leave longer with it to make more concussions and observations.  It would be fun to read more about the Tom Evans Linear SET. I did not read the Jeff Day’s articles deeply and juts snatched a few phases here and there but what I read did not please me. Jeff said:

“Another innovative aspect of the Linear A is the use of two separate power supplies to power the input and output circuits. “

Is it in a two stages-amp with op-amps as drivers and tubes in output?  No kidding! What else would be considered as “innovative”? The use of metal-base hook up wires? The use of DC on tuber anodes? The use of electricity? Anyhow, it is not uncommon that Sarajan’s boys are losing themselves in their desire to show own skills of “serving public”, I guess we all use to it. Congratulations with getting eventually something that looks like a good power amp. I will read the Jeffs’ articles more carefully as time permits…

The caT

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