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Post Subject: The hybrids and electricity?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 6/22/2008


There are two possibilities as I can see them.

First is that your new hybrid amp just simply better then you former amp. Between us in case of Threshold, Jeff Rowland or McIntoshes it would not be so hard to come by to a better am, not to mention that nether Threshold, Jeff Rowland nor McIntoshe shell driver compression driver to begin with.

The Second possibility is more interning – it is possible that something in your new hybrid amp makes audio more immune to bad power (electricity). If so, then it makes sense to know what amp it was and try to speculate what in this amp might be responsible for this result. BTW, I have two new promising electricity-battling devises are coming…

I would keep your comment about benefit of a tweeter for S2 - I think you might revise your view about it. As you remember I went over it multiple times myself – though I do agree that even without any tweeters and VERY good electricity the top of S2 is very sufficient and very musical – might be even more interesting with a right tweeter.

Rgs, Romy

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