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Post Subject: Hybrid AmpsPosted by RonyWeissman on: 6/22/2008

Have peope heard any of the new generation hybrid amps out there? I have often such miserable power to my home that about half the time it was useless to listen to my SET tube system. I always had a back-up solid-state amp to use when I could be bothered to change the cabels (threshold stasis or early jeff rowland or even an old McIntosh monster which was pretty good).  At least with those amps I could always listen, though each of them had fatal flaws.

Recently I bought my first hybrid amp, and I am not sure that I will be looking for another other amp for a very long time.  I will not write review here, but my S2s are doing tone like I have never heard like they swallowed a vintage tannoy (that fat sound) while keeping their S2 palette of infinite colors that make you understand why someone goes to all that trouble to learn how to play them. 

And another good thing is that I really do not feel need for tweeter.  The Musique concrete horns that I use seem to be able to work high enough to let me take out my EV T-350S from the system. My SET tube amp obviously had flawed high end, though of course I was crossing over way to low to use my EVs correctly, I will try again later with 12.5k xover and see if they help out or not.

Last but not least, it could care less about the state of the electricity, it is amazing every time I turn it on.  I just can't get the smile off my face. 

Well that is my idea of electronic improvement! I am sorry for long post, but maybe the hybrid solution is worth pursuing for a 2nd amplifier for those of you with awful electricity?

R Weissman

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