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Post Subject: Tuning and trouble shooting with "difficult" musicPosted by Paul S on: 6/15/2008

When the AC and the recording are good, the K&K tracks big choruses and piano fortisimos cleanly, as well, the first time in my hi-fi experience I have had a phono stage that can do this. 

The trouble with the really big stuff is that it's often the recording/pressing itself that gets swamped.

I can usually hear the engineers twiddling knobs to compensate.

Before I installed and adapted the ML2s, I had pretty much given up on a wide range of recorded classical music; especially the big stuff.  But even though I am primarily concerned with previously-off-limits classical now, I still don't have nearly the system headroom to do full-tilt orchestra/chorus, cannons, pipe organs, etc.

However, FWIW, my present limits with classical music repro are not imposed by the K&K.

Best regards,
Paul S

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