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Post Subject: Stuffing SME HeadshellPosted by RonyWeissman on: 6/15/2008
Hi Romy,

How do I stuff the SME headshell (or other headshells) with silicon? I am tech idiot and can't imagine how to keep the silicon from just running out of the headshell, is there a type of silicon that dries after application I guess?

By the way I had made you an offer before and I will repeat it here in public.  I have what the french consider to be the ultimate mono cartridge (made for radio use several decades ago), if you want to have some fun and try it out in your system i'm happy to send it over for a one-year loan. You have to be willing to track your old pressings at 6g though to get the best sound though!

After the silicon I will try the volcanic stones on top of headshell like my audio store uses in Paris (I kid you not)...

R Weissman

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