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Post Subject: This time the Misery was not there.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 6/14/2008

I have to admit that after years of hating Black Gates and the unfortunately-proven ability of mine to recognize and the acknowledge the Black Gates’ nasty thing in Sound of a playback I got recently a different experience. I was listening last two weeks a component that was sent to me for private evaluation. The unit was stuffed with Black Gates and was burned-in for one year continues used. After a week of shipment I burned it for 2 weeks continuously…

Anyhow, to make the long story short – I did not detect any negative signatures of Black Gates – absolutely none. I did not detect any Black Gates advantages ether but the most important was that all those miserable characteristics that Black Gates demonstrated to me in past were not there.

I have to add that the designer of this unit claims that he not used Black Gates capacitors like any other devise uses capacitors but he implies that he has “other ways” to use caps. Whatever it worth but in this case the “Black Gates Misery” was not there.

The Cat

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