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Post Subject: The sound of one hand clappingPosted by Paul S on: 6/11/2008
I was wondering how the record heat would affect your progress.  Lucky you.

Interesting observations about the air cap.  Of course I am curious whether the added clarity additionally rewards/punishes +/- precision with VTA/SRA?

I have zero experience with air caps, but I did report on the big (4.7 uF) Teflon/PVC "composite" parafeed caps in the K&K.  This experience made me think about the idea of "viscosity" as I undestand it, the +/- cloying "drag" or "suction" on the sound as it tries to accelerate.

No matter what I hear about components in the way of buzz, when I actually listen to +/- music they deliver, there has always been issues with bowed strings, especially violions, and particularly massed violins.

Setting aside massed violins for now, one of the things I like best about the $$$ Cardas caps is that I finally clearly hear the bow work on violins, and not just the solos.  I realize that violinists can hear this with a table radio, or over the phone, but for me this really enhances recordings like the Beethoven PVC Trio that I posted about on the Music Forum.

This is NOT to say I now have "unrestrained" dynamics!  And after 45 years I am still waiting for massed strings to open up naturally.  Although I read about this a lot in the audiophile magazines, I suppose I will first need a recording where this actually happens...

Anyway, as far as I am concerned, balanced natural "expression" is a VERY good thing, and "touch" and "timing" at this level are the "Ballgame".

You did not mention it, but I am guessing that pitch distinction is also OK.  Looking back, there may be a certain "over-lap" between the dynamic suction and a slight smearing of pitch/tone.

Best regards,
Paul S

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