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Post Subject: Some comment on the characteristic of air-cap sound.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 6/11/2008

Last night electricity was surprisingly OK, despite of the current heat wave and that everyone runs air-conditioning and I found myself listing deep into high. It was mostly LP and I came to a few interesting observations regarding the sound of my air-cap armed phonocorrector. The corrector has now it’s good tubes, closed up and as now it is in the state how it will be permanently.

I looks to me that corrector has own signature but not the signature that simile to any other correctors I have heard. The uniqueness that I would like to comment on this corrector is its ability go up in dynamic range of high frequency without introduction of… anything beside just a higher dynamic range of high frequency. The corrector gains volume in upper mid range with stunning cleanness. In my view it is unknown and not anticipated in audio as rise of HF volume is always associated with rise of some artifacts. The air-cap armed corrector does not do it, does not do it at all. While the air-cap filter has orders of magnitude more sophisticated and unsoiled ability to run across HF ranges it also open up unheard ability for discrimination of upper MF and HF differences. The idiosyncrasies of the “string bite” in each section, each orchestra, each style of playing manner and…. each pressing or each stamp batch became more highlighted, more insistently distincting one from other. Still, it is doe not by differentiating the artifacts patterns and most of audio does but somehow different, I do not know how to describe it at this point  – it shell be heard. You see, the air-cap has no “resolution”. It delivers very distinctive HF but no “resolution”. I always told that “resolution” was invented by Morons who would like to catalog the playback artifacts – the air-cap filter can afford to do “no resolution” type of sound.

Still, I feel that air-cap has own coloration. This “no resolution”, vacuum-clean HF dynamic is coloration itself as I do recognize this characteristic across all music that the corrector plays. The sound of the air-corrector has own signature- the “signature of tempted virtue” – this behavior does not exist during my experience of live musical events. I think I need some time to reflect and to think about what I hear from this corrector.

I do not particularly like Asian women. A few of them that I dated annoyed me tremendously with their overly zealous desire to compliment and please me. I am, as any other person, do not mind to be praised but I would like to get as a reimbursement for some kind accomplishes of mine that I personally values. To be admired by those Asian girls just because I was a current man in their live made me very fell boring and I always voluntary escape from the glorifications of the Asian women right into the hands of our Western bitching and demanding females. So far the air-cap filter in my phonocorrector acts in the way like an Asian woman those overly enthusiastic do essentially very positive things. Perhaps I ask too much or perhaps this effect will moderate itself with time but so far it is what it is.

The, the Cat

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