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Post Subject: Chasing utopian better phono interconnect.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 6/5/2008

Since my “End of Life" Phonostage have materialized I got exposed to a temptation of finding a “right” cable between my tonearm to the phonostage. The most critical cable between the step-up transformer and phonostage does not exist in my system anymore. That is good. However, the cable’s sound between the tonearm and step-up still affected by the cable used.  I have no admit that I am not overly anal about it – with multiple arms the attention for it get diluted and subdued but I would like to find for my very best “reference” arm/cartridge a some kind of “perfect” interconnect to connect it to my “perfect” Phonostage. It is important to understand that I am not looking for any objective or subjective perfection but I rather I looking for a result with which I feel comfortable and that would make me do not worry about the phono interconnect aver again.

Last night I took dozen “better” cables that I had in my home and that I feel are suitable to be used as phono cable and plugged them in. All of them sound ridiculously different. That fact set off my curiosity what cable I would like to use there and will end up there in the end. Make your bets… I did mine.

I will slowly and none-violent I’ll with time try different phono cables and will post my reaction to them. I do not pretend for any conclusiveness or definiteness – I just a guy who wants a less compromised sound from a specific cable in my own playback. Unfortunately my #1 cable that I would like to use with my referees stereo arm I will not have, as it is imposable to found it anymore (The one that I have I use with my other arm that has DIN connector)

So, my reference arm is SME-3012 with 23g in shell and with Shelter 901 needle, loaded to 34K via 1:26 step up. I would need a cable of 0.6M-1.2M that would be OK to be unpaged frequently. Let game to begin…. If you have interesting experiences with phono-cables then please rise you voice.

The Cat

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