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Post Subject: More on this, pleasePosted by Paul S on: 6/5/2008

My first thought is that anything a component adds or subtracts, it adds or subtracts similarly to/from everything, like putting the same amount of pepper on all food or salting and watering down all soup to taste +/- the same.

But of course you would not stay happy if this were the case...

So, what is it?

Are we talking about the sort of "re-constituting" and noise dampening that the step-up transformer does, or is this some other form of addition/subtraction that turns insipid, poorly-recorded rock and roll records into angelic soul singing?

Most important, how does it do with a variety of LPs?

I think there is a critical difference between making the best of musical content and simply making music.

I have to admit that although I always long for the latter, I am wary, weary and suspicious even of the notion, so I always wind up with my best version of the former.

Best regards,
Paul S

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