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Post Subject: "Lack" of HF, etc.Posted by Paul S on: 6/1/2008

The "lack" of HF is definitely one of the wonderful things that makes one think of spending 30K on a phono stage.  Glad to hear you are "suffering" a similar "dirth" of HF [noise] with your DIY corrector.

I wasn't going to say anything, but I wondered up until I saw this "finished product" photo if you planned to run the 12AX7s horizontally...  That would have been "interesting"...

My "modern" Teflon composite caps did not take long at all to establish themselves; nothing like the "premium" electrolytics, which not only take a long time to sound decent but they also "revert" if you don't run them for a while.

Do I remember that Tim d' P. also likes to use one twin triode tube for two channels?  I am "iffy" on this conceptually; never tried it.

I know you are all stoked with FM benefits for some time now; but surely the musical treasures on vinyl are enticing, not to mention the potential?

I have also read your thoughts on VTA/SRA, but if your corrector is "articulate" then you must be pretty much stuck, needing to get it fairly close?

Best regards,
Paul S

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