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Post Subject: MFA Systems PhonostagePosted by Reggie on: 5/31/2008

Hello Romy

This is my first post.

Did you take courses in electronics and mechanical engineering or have you learned yourself outside of a structured environment? I am very interested to become proficient in working on/modifying my own electronics. I would enjoy spending time at the workbench such as the one pictured above.  

Reading many posts on your site has caused me to think about my system. I'm facinated by horn systems and have heard several that were compelling in key respects, the ability to use a DSET such as your Melquiades amp being one. One the subject of a 'final' phonostage, my own is one of the three MFA Systems MC Reference prototypes built for CES in Las Vegas. This one, housed in an MFA Luminescence chassis is the ultimate of the three. It differs from the production version of the MC Reference in several ways. It is hard wired throughout and uses ECC88s, 12AX7s and 12AU7/AT7. The phono stage is battery-powered. I've included some photos for you to see. It is currently in need if repair. Bob Hovland took a quick look at it and identified two caps that needed to be replaced. they have been removed so you may notice them missing in the photo. This particular phonostage has the magic you talk about.

Romy I cannot upload the images. I tried using the 'insert images from gallery' button. Can you tell me how to do this correctly?

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