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Post Subject: Going on from "There"Posted by Paul S on: 5/29/2008
Well, that sounds perfectly reasonable, and it also gives you an out in case you happen to hear something else that really turns your head.

Although 2007 did not make it appear so, I have had +/- the same thoughts about gear for some time, perhaps partly from the pressure/weight of 59 years, 45 of it spent effing around with hi-fi.  At this point I think I might be pretty close to "good enough", apart from the @#$%&* electricity.  Or, maybe I have to just let go and re-think things to allow for bad electricity.

Since the best sound I get is still from vinyl, the phono stage is critical for me.  But, by the same token, all sources have to be "aceptable".  I am beginning to think that "acceptable" means not so prone to screw things up as much as it means "revealing", or other hi-fi adjectives.

I still generally think I need +/- FR to really sink into a musical perfromance.  But, now that I am more familiar with my system it is quite clear that I will never get close in terms of absolute SPL/dynamics with my present set-up.

But since we are not, in fact, getting FR/natural dynamics anyway, then I suppose what I settle for at any point at least gets the musical message across, or at least it does this on a good [electricity] day.

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