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Post Subject: The deliberate mistakes?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 5/27/2008

 guy sergeant wrote:

I hope no one tries to build this based on the diagram above.  They won't get much output from it!  If you can't see what I suspect are deliberate mistakes, you definitely shouldn't be trying to build one.

Guy, I think you have overwhelmed yourself with conspiracy theory. My attitude towards to all those projects of my is not the one that would make me to expose public to deliberate mistakes. I can make ignorant bloopers or demonstrate juts plane engendering stupidity (I did both in past) but the publishing deliberate mistakes it is not would I would do.

I did not use the schematic above to build the corrector – I built it from my head as the circuit painlessly simple but looking on what I draw I do not see that anything different then what I have currently assembled. I did not measured the corrector gain yet but preliminary I feel as it should be  - I see no reason why the output shell drop after I went for fixed bias. Also, the corrector does a few mV ideal and when I touch inputs of makes under7VAC at output – the habitual voltage that I expected….

I will certainly measure and calibrate everything before I consider it doe but if you feel that there are any mistakes in there then please point them out. To me everything looks right so far.

Rgs, Romy

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