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Post Subject: Re: estonian soul musicPosted by guy sergeant on: 3/9/2005

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Hi Romy

I started enjoying the music of Arvo Part about 2 years ago when I heard the haunting Spiegel Im Spiegel.
While Ive been here Ive also been to performances including the music of Eduard Tubin and Maart Saar.
It all has a very distinctive & possibly unique feel. Im not sure exactly where Gorecki comes from but his music often has that same quality.

Possibly the nature by which this region has been controlled by totalitarian regimes until recently has much to do with it.

Id like to return when they have their summer song festival. Hearing a choir of 30000 singing in the purpose built amphitheatre here must be quite something.

Why do you think normal choral music is so difficult to reproduce?

best regards


By the way. in Kadriorg palace today I was looking at the art exhibition and saw a scene Id imagine youd be familiar with (if its still there) a truly remarkable painting of the pier at Odessa being lashed by huge waves in a mighty storm. 

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