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Post Subject: Re: Liszt Piano Sonata & Chaconne by Busoni+BachPosted by RonyWeissman on: 3/8/2005

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A strong second-recommendation of the 1977 Horowitz recording of the Liszt(RCA 12548 here in France). It is a superb sounding LP as well.  For some reason I can't listen to anything Argerich lately, maybe it's because everytime I have tickets to hear her play she cancels?

By the way I attended Orchestra de Lyon performance recently,  they finished a decent but forgettable evening with Bartok Concerto for Orchestra.  The conducter, jan markl or something like that, managed to make it sound like De Falla, quite an achievement...I have three versions of this on LP, my favorite being Ancerl with Czech. Any others I should look for? The piece itself is not actually one of my favorites, but it has some exquisite material for cello and double-bass. ciao, rony

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