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Post Subject: Deep in the well of lower frequenciesPosted by Gregm on: 4/17/2008
 Paul S wrote:
Greg, I have written about my "DEBZ" speakers several times at this site,
D. Olsher's Basszilla -- of course! Sorry, Paul, I forgot.

 Paul S wrote:
If I were to do the DEBZ concept right now, I would tune the BR bins higher and cross over/high-pass (to) the Lowther DX4s higher.  This would give me a better "tilt" up to the low end.  Or - much easier - I might first just eff with the low-pass network to allow the woofers to come up just a little.  One way or the other, I would (and still might) add separately-amped boom boxes, either "too-large" sealed, or carefully-tuned BR, just for that bottom octave.  Who knows if this would make the original woofers "identifiable" (which they are not at this time)?
I would expect a tweet / super/tweet to make the lower freq drive unit identifiable (if identifiable it becomes) -- but you might try any old separate "sub woof" & check it out for effects, I suppose.

As you suggest, an despite the added complexity, maybe just adding another drive unit for the extra 8ve is indicated...
 Paul S wrote:
Greg, what did you use to drive the woofers and how did they do; how low, how loud and how musical?   This would help as a frame of reference for the "W"  and/or "double-W" set-ups.  If it took 100 dedicated watts to get this set-up to relax, then perhaps we are already pissing up a rope.
No, nowhere near that much power. I was using a tired ~60W/ 8ohm rated ss integrated fm the early '80s (arcam? something) which didn't even get warm. The unfortunate point is I never tried a tube on the bass -- or don't remember doing so. I probably didn't since to do so I would need a different PLLX (for the different amp).
No problems with spl which was fine even for full Mahler 2 or 4/Klemperer -- it's that as spl went up, the lower freq seemed to take ascendance over the rest, requiring me to turn to the volume control. And no, this wasn't a matter of positioning -- it was different voodoo that I never bothered to analyse. Anyway, the sensitivity of this thing at the usual useless test-bench conditions (2,8V -- 1kHz or thereabouts) was ~100dB with an annoying peak at 55 or so (which is easy to tame).

 Paul S wrote:
Anyway, at this point I think it would take more than double ML2 power to get to 20 Hz as part of decent FR with 97 dB speakers.  Not that we NEED 20 Hz; but why not aim there, at least to start?  Maybe 3 dB down at 20 Hz...

Paul S
Paul -- do you offer any discounts upwards of 20HzSmile? I found that even 5Hz higher help, i.e. 25Hz -2/3dB helps. I propose 25 Hz even though, admittedly, it is a big compromise.

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