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Post Subject: Compared to what we have already donePosted by Paul S on: 4/16/2008
Greg, I have written about my "DEBZ" speakers several times at this site, including Post ID 3269, early in my original Lamm ML2 thread.  I mention these speakers now to compare what we are aiming at here to what I have already done, which is 38 Hz  up to bat radar region, flat, driven by single ML2 per side.  My BR bins do great solo bass, jazz, etc., but they drop fast below 38 Hz and they become inarticulate and a litle soft (kitty's furry belly) with complex peaks, such as orchestral tutti.   I would love to have that next octave down, or most of it, because I am already close enough to hear quite clearly what I'm missing.  But, as I noted above, the ML2s are already stretched as it is, at 1/channel, so we can use this as a guide.

If I were to do the DEBZ concept right now, I would tune the BR bins higher and cross over/high-pass (to) the Lowther DX4s higher.  This would give me a better "tilt" up to the low end.  Or - much easier - I might first just eff with the low-pass network to allow the woofers to come up just a little.  One way or the other, I would (and still might) add separately-amped boom boxes, either "too-large" sealed, or carefully-tuned BR, just for that bottom octave.  Who knows if this would make the original woofers "identifiable" (which they are not at this time)?  That could be a problem in my case, and it is certainly something to consider when choosing/matching drivers for this FR speaker/amp excercise.

Greg, what did you use to drive the woofers and how did they do; how low, how loud and how musical?   This would help as a frame of reference for the "W"  and/or "double-W" set-ups.  If it took 100 dedicated watts to get this set-up to relax, then perhaps we are already pissing up a rope.

Anyway, at this point I think it would take more than double ML2 power to get to 20 Hz as part of decent FR with 97 dB speakers.  Not that we NEED 20 Hz; but why not aim there, at least to start?  Maybe 3 dB down at 20 Hz...

Paul S

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