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Post Subject: Re: Liszt Piano Sonata & Chaconne by Busoni+BachPosted by Romy the Cat on: 3/8/2005

Hey, Guy.

The pre-Baltic countries are a nice place to be – quite interesting people in there, although thier women behave like they just were taken out of a freezer. :-) They kind of facially less-reactive and less-responsive than the girls-southerners. Also, screw the Melodiya records! I really disgust to hear how the cockroaches’ legs, sticking out of Melodiya records, scratch my needles…

Regarding the Liszt Piano Sonata. It is a magnificent peace but it really wasn’t an epicenter of my attention. I have a few versions by Emil Gilels, Martha Argerich and a great Leon Fleisher; I love them but I kind of never look deeper in this work. From what I feel they should be the  “conventional” players for the Liszt work. If you want to go for another extreme then look for Horowitz or Cziffra, although I do not remember of they recorded the Sonata during thier best years. Also, I know that the Piano Sonata was orchestrated. I never head it but it might be fun it you dig it out. BTW, Scherchen was a magnificent interpreter of Liszt’s orchestral music and if he did the orchestrated sonata then I would certainly search it.

As far as Bach-Busoni Chaconne - I’m big fan of Arturo Michelangeli and it was enough for me. Also, and to my great- great surprise, I did hear some absolutely amassing performances of Bach-Busoni by Horowitz in his late years. However, I do not remember that Chaconne was one of his peaces that I liked.

Romy the Cat

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