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Post Subject: The sensitivity vs. exertion – a constant battle.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 4/16/2008

 Gregm wrote:
Not necessarily: they could be separate boxes, interconnected by short cable. This allows some freedom of movement between top & bottom (like some of Wilson's products or A-Physic's et aliae).

Actually I consider the “separate boxes, interconnected by short cable” (like Wilson's and other) being still a single box loudspeaker. When I imply “two box” I meant the boxed do not share footprint and LF section might be used and discreet location from MF section, similar to how it made in Marten Coltrane and in few others.

The catch in here is that as soon we isolate the LF section then we stop to think about sensitivity and begin to think about resonance frequency. There is not reason do not go in a dedicated LF section for lover resonance frequency. But the Fs is always conflicts with sensitivity… so we end up with multiamping. I am not saying that it could not be optimized somehow but I did not see it done.

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