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Post Subject: I vote Paper for warmth & tonePosted by Gregm on: 4/14/2008
 miab wrote:
I'm curious as to why the preference to paper cones as opposed to carbon/poly/kevlar/ceramic/.... With weight and stiffness advantages of other materials, would advancing technology not be well implemented towards drivers?
For lower frequencies, I too would vote for paper: the tonality is pleasant, "humanly intelligible" (to coin a phrase) and the way the actual sounds are reproduced sounds to me "correct within its limitations". What I'm trying to say is, reproduced sound sounds "recognisable", more akin to a real life... it's difficult to explain.

I would use paper for everything but the tweet & upper mids perhaps.

 miab wrote:
Does it have to be one box? What about seperating the cabinets for lower frequencies altogether for a two box solution? Not in the Watt/Puppy (over/under) style but altogether seperate placement. I'm thinking room placement and lower frequency issues.
I would agree with you. The link Romy gave above leads to a visual example of such a construction, although i'm not sure the bottom can be separated fm the top.

I would like to see an experiment where first consideration is to get 15k to ~80Hz right. Here, the big trick will be to get 2kHz-15kHz acceptable, a range which seems to elude the best designers presently (for reasons unknown). Then, we have to go from ~80 down and keep the sensitivity high and the sound acceptable. Also the region 15k up will have to be tackled and that would require some different "research" because of the very important "tonality" matching aspects...

Overall I think it's difficult to pull through: one amp driving one multi-channel speaker from dc to daylight... Tall order!

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