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Post Subject: That ideas behind 'breathing' cone loudspeakerPosted by Romy the Cat on: 4/12/2008

All those vintage speakers are not interesting. Among the contemporary loudspeakers, I also to do not know anything that I would consider unarguably worthy.

The main point off of this exercise is to let people to think about the opportunity or possibility to have a SET-friendly full-range cone loudspeaker. When I say SET-friendly I do not mean only impedance requirement (that is in many cases blown up out of proportion) and sensitivity of the load. A high SET power and low sensitivity is not necessarily a good thing. 10W and 100dB is not the same as 300W and 90dB – it never will be the same, and none of the low power SETs that I have seen, driving low sensitivity loads at A1 and at very low volumes sounded acceptable.

Anyhow, despite that all of it blows up in the face of my DSET inclination and some of my views about loudspeakers but the ‘live’ cone full-range loudspeaker for SET is a cool idea for someone to attack.

Somehow, David Wilson does his largest loudspeaker that they have no dynamic limitations of cones in boxes. Somehow some of the drivers do have very tone, like LE8. Somehow some of the roofers do have great “bite” at low resonant frequency and high sensitivity, like 505B.  I think if to invest some money and efforts then it is possible to come up with something.

The shape-wise I very much like what Evolution Audio does in this top model.

It should be extra one or two channels and the LF section should be twice-trice larger. The drivers of course should be totally different. If it possible to make something like this as a whole speaker at 99-100dB sensitivity then I think it might be a good candidate to somebody who peruse a powerful SET idea. In fact I feel that there is a deficit on the market and no one supply this demand…

The Cat

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