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Post Subject: People sayPosted by Paul S on: 4/11/2008
There are those who claim to drive some of the big vintage speakers with SETs at AA.  Like those ancient top models from University, Wharfdale, Tannoy, etc., etc.  Not that this is the same as an objective approach.

I've heard it tried with small SETs, but it's fearsome the way those big speakers gobble power as SPL and complexity rise and frequency drops.

I can see someone trying the ML3 with the big, fancy Audio Classics speakers; but they are horns.

One would think the toffs are thinking, Wilson.

I think it would be intewresting to come up with a list of drivers that would make up what would probably have to be a 4 or 5-way speaker.  One might use a single 15" to get down to 60 Hz and then go to paralleled 15" or 18" below that.

I have not tried the bi-wiring for a long time.  Some guys use more than one OPT tap for this.

The big Dunlavys I have heard have sounded serious to me, but I only heard them with giant SS.  Certainly on par with big Wilsons.

Paul S

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