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Post Subject: Something I should have done early onPosted by Paul S on: 4/6/2008
It took me a while to figure out an effective grounding scheme for the system, and it has taken me until today to finally get around to lifting the K&K's chassis ground at the wall.

The unit is still grounded to the whole system dedicated ground rod via the lug onthe back of the unit, and the "neutral" is - of course - the mains neutral/ground.

Configured this way there is no hum at all now, just a little tube rush at an absurd vollume level.

Noise in general is reduced and clarity and bass are improved, with no penalty.

I have for some time had all the materials to make another of my "usual" cords, which have all 3 wires wired to the wall, but the ground wire does not connect to the female IEC jack at the equipment end.  That should be "better" than the way I have it now because right now the ground wire is presently an "antenna" that is connected to the K&K system ground.  I will report again when I finally get around to making the special cord.

Paul S

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