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Post Subject: And here is a good tube for a powerful SET :-)Posted by Romy the Cat on: 4/4/2008

Whonna to drive dead woofers with single ended triode? Get the Bell Laboratories 320A tube.

The 320A Vacuum tube was designed for use as an oscillator, modulator, or amplifier at the higher power levels
and high frequencies.

Filament ratings: 35 volts at 435 amperes
Average thermionic emission: 90 amperes
Characteristics at 18 kV plate voltage and 8 amperes plate current:
Amplification factor: 30
Plate resistance: 965 ohms
Transconductance: 31,100 micromhos

Maximum plate voltages: 12.5 kV modulated, 18 kV non modulated, 20 kV RMS AC
current: 15 amps DC
dissipation: 150 kilowatts

Maximum grid dissipation: 2 kilowatt

If somebody build anything around it… please let me know – it would be worth to fly over… :-)

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