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Post Subject: The digital attitude of mine.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 3/23/2008

 el`Ol wrote:
Sorry for being so nasty, Romy,
but I meant connecting the CEC TLO with the Lavry 924 via the dCS 974.

I do not see you being nasty, where did you get this from?

May I ask you- what you proposed to drive CEC TLO into dCS 974 and then into Lavry 924 then what you would like to accomplish? Saying this I do admit that I tried Pacific in D-D mode with desire to use the Pacific’s internals filtering and dither. Bidat relay kills those needs. Also, I have some prejudges against the dCS. A few years ago I had a DAC that called Edgar if I am not mistaken. I do not remember what transport I used at that time. It was before CEC. I used a few at that time; perhaps it was the Spectral 2000… Anyhow the dCS was OK but it was OK ass soon it was running in direct mode and no custom filter or rate conversion activated. As soon the conversion of any kind was activated then sound went to toilet. So, I presume that the dCS 974 D-D processor is the Edgar’s frond DCP section without the Edgar D/A section.

Anyhow, I do not see need for all of it I would prefer to have just one transport and one plan DAC, in fact I see why they should not be combined.

The caT

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