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Post Subject: Re: Pareto PrinciplePosted by skushino on: 2/27/2005

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Romy, I think we pretty much agree on this subject...

Maybe Myles has super-human perception and is really able to discern moon gravity and seismic events through his system.  Maybe.  But, it's really not relevant.  These effects, if real, are miniscule.

I think the much more interesting question is:  Where can we apply Pareto (80 / 20 rule) to vinyl set-up, or more broadly, audio reproduction?  In other words, where can we apply leverage?  Which parameters (the 20% of the total adjustments) yield the most important results (the 80% of sound)?

As audio people interested in obtaining the most in sound reproduction, imagine if we were to focus on those adjustments that leverage the greatest benefits, while not losing too much sleep over the rest?

This would be great material for another thread...

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