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First of all I disagree that the objective of loading is to tame RF resonances. The tame RF resonances is what is the most easily observable. I personally never care about RF resonances while I chase loading but only about the LF.

Secondary, I do not believe in the phrase: “vinyl people hold very strong opinions”. I know those “vinyl people” and I do not respect or value the “wisdom” they express. For instance here is a listening room of Myles Astor, the person who loved to review $10.000 cartridges, claming that his tonearm's dumping is sensitive to the Moon’s gravitation and his woofers detect the earthquakes across the Globe.


Those people do tell to each other the stories about the 0.1-Ohm cartridge loading, setting the VTF to .001g and the benefits to Sound by aligning the phono-cable with the Earth’s magnetic lines. You have to once to stop by in thier listening rooms and to hear what ACTUALY they deal with. When you hear the sound they get in their rooms then you will not have any further doubts.

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