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Post Subject: Re: missing the forest for the treesPosted by skushino on: 2/26/2005

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***Here we go! What an accomplishment! I wonder if the Lyra cartridges sound so gray and so boring because of this “accomplishment” or there is any other reasons.

***I knew that the reference to his high gain Connoisseur phono stages is coming.

Self-promotion isn't too surprising here.  These are his babies.

***Yes, and now. What Jonathan forgets to mention that using the phrases “under-damping” and “overdamping” he implies that there is such a thing as a “correct exact damping”. However, the “correct damping” is unfortunately exist only in a virtual subjective perception and HUGELY depending on very- very- very many others, primary masking factors.

Now we are getting nearer to the point.  It strikes me as funny that some vinyl people calculate cartridge loading to a precision of 0.1 ohms.

***(even if I do agree that a transformer ordinary do act as a band-pass filter)

Look, vinyl people hold very strong opinions about having the precise cartridge loading for their cartridge.  Some claim +/- 1 or 2 ohms is critical.  But if the objective of loading is to tame RF resonances, and step-up transformers filter these frequencies, then what are the 0.1 ohm people talking about?  I believe they make changes because they think it sounds better.  But this has nothing to do with the intended objective of taming RF peaking. 

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