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Post Subject: Finding the messagePosted by Paul S on: 3/2/2008
Sure, I believe there is a speed/congestion relationship, but I do not think it is singular, and furthermore I think there is more to the speed issue "itself" than meets the eye, if you get what I mean.

At this point all I can say is that the belt/heavy combo I am using simply beats the DD's I've tried for getting the music from the LP, including complex music, and this is a big part of why I prefer LPs to CD for all types of music, including classical, given good electricity.  How else to say it?  The belt drive/heavy platter just seems more "steady" and neutral in musical terms to me; it is less of a factor, less "jittery" and less of a "participant" than light and/or DD 'tables I've tried.  What does that say about speed, per se?  I'm not exactly sure.  But I don't want a definition of speed stability that costs me my music, that's for sure, eg, It's accurate to .00001%, but it sounds like crap.  No, thanks.

TT or recording?  I use the best sound I can get as a reference for what is possible.  If I can EVER get great sound from a complex, overcut disc, then the both the TT and the recording are doing something right.  Now, what TT does it best?

There are so many issues to consider, though, even with respect to speed alone.  At this point it is easier for me to figure out how to get the most music from the belt/heavy platter, and I have laid out my thinking.  But my mind is not closed.  As soon as I hear someone do better with DD, I'll try it again.  At this point, give me a massive flywheel over a servo motor and a light platter, since steady beats "nimble" where music via TT is concerned, according to my experience. 

Best regards,
Paul S

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