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Post Subject: Is it a drag?Posted by mats on: 3/1/2008
Nice to read your thoughts on this subject Paul.  My interest at this point is to explore the issue of speed stability in the face of complex music, and its possible effect on congested sound.  Is there a relationship?  I suspect there is.

My experience is that none of the light platter belt drives that I have had were able to perform well.  My current DD however, is doing better at negotiating complex passages.  Now, you who have heavy platter belt drive tables, do you not have issues with congestion due to speed irregularities?  To make it even trickier, if you have trouble resolving complex passages, how do you know if it is the turntable or the recording?

That there are other issues with DD tables that may prevent acceptable musical performance I do not doubt.  My initial modifications with batteries, decoupling and lowered power consumptioin have been helpful.  The platter should likely be even lighter and made of wood.

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