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Post Subject: DD againPosted by mats on: 2/29/2008
Romy wrote:

 N-set wrote:
let me point out that the force injected by the needle moving through a groove can apparently be quite substantial (loud passages etc) dynamically slowing down the plate.

Only with flimsy platters perhaps. With heavy enough platter and with a platter with right damping it should not be the case."

It should not be the case one would think, but perhaps it is.  What after all accounts for the congestion one so often encounters with large scale, content rich orchestral recordings.  (Why do so many audiophiles play simple pop and jazz music, and why do classical lovers often go all digital?)  Well, a friend of mine suggested that not even his Verdier could maintain speed through complex passages, and that this was the main cause for congested sound.   He preferred a simple Technics SL1200 for speed stability.  The SL1200 has its own issues, (some of which I have adressed; battery power, cooler running),  but my personal  experience is that  the Technics offer  better  performance of complex music than the TT's I have had, A Well Tempered, a Linn and a Townshend.   No personal experience with heavy platters as you can see.  Still this is a subject I feel worthy of further discussion.  Who has had a DD and a heavy platter table side by side for comparison?


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