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Post Subject: How to levitate the platter?Posted by enjoy_the_music on: 2/26/2008
How would you go about this?

If the platter was massive you would need some very strong magnets?

Therefore the platter would have to be quite deep so the magnets fields did not interfere with the cartridge. Would you manufacture the platter out of non-magnetic material so the over time the material itself would not become magnetised and start generating it's own field?

Making a vacuum hold down is quite simple, but would it be easier to use a device like the old Audio Technica AT-666? I guess the material used in the latter is not the ultimate. You don't need a great amount of vacuum to hold the record down.

What do you mean when you talk of a belt that 'hangs'?

So how many days do you think this massive platter would take to get up to 33rpm...never mind 78 Smile



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