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Post Subject: I do not think ultimate turntable should be expensive.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 2/26/2008

Well, I think the larger then rational mass of “silent” TT platter eliminates all other moments. If you have a 150 lead-like platter then would it be direct drive, belt drive, or pinch roller would be absolutely irrelevant. The moment of inertia of this thing would be mammoth and you can apply torque by impulses once a second – the platter will not have reflected it on sound. The ultimate tonearm for the “ultimate turntable” is a whole another subject…

Still, if I go for ultimate turntable concept then in my book where less is more it would be a large mass TT with air or magnetic (perhaps electromagnetic) suspension. It is interesting that in the subject of “big turntables” the turntables have some kind of mysterious high values; this it is very little in analog come from a TT. There are expensive turntables out there with price tag of $30K, $50K, $80K…. What an idiocy! A function of TT is to spinning a disc – nothing else! Why should it be so expensive of complex of even simple and cheap $100 turntables already produce speed stability that is order of magnitude more stable that it is imaginable to hear. In fact the most horrible problem with speed stability I ever experiences in my live was from $100K Continuums Turnable… so where is the common sense?

I think the ultimate turntable would be the maximum mass driver with lowers torque possible. The turntable shell uses a simplest and minimalistic implementation and has absolutely minimum options to adjust anything.  I truly do not know what might be added to a suspended high mass platter in order to make it better. A mashie shop would take let say $3K-$5K for a 150-200 pounds platter with vertical bearing. From there you need $100 to buy niobium magentas and $5 to buy good glue… The only problems I see that if you do it then your turntable will not have a brand name and you will have no one to balm when your turntable turn out sound like crap.

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