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Post Subject: Yes...add it to the list!Posted by enjoy_the_music on: 2/26/2008
Yes we're creating the ultimate turntable so why not.

''So can you imagine adding to a tonearm a function to catching the proximity from the center and dynamically reset the anti-scatting? How about automated tonearm’s vertical excursion to compensate the records thickness and self tuning of VTA? What would be next? The room temperature analyzer that would automatically adjust the viscosity of tonearms damping ligules in case of the hater in your room went off and the temperature change for 5 degree.''

I didnt say the TX-1000 sounded good. It has many shortcomings in other areas.

I agree with the high mass principle. Although I havent owned the large Kuzma I was wed to a Thorens Reference and will soon wed a Micro RX-5000. I have had and still own a number of the direct is my analogue hareem.

I guess the ultimate turntable could be belt driven or direct drive as long as the drive control was ultimate. However that said in realityland perhaps the direct drive would have difficulty with such a mass...not so much the rotation, but the accuracy. 

I was recently asked about a Lyrec AD40. Apparently some guys in Korea are making/were making turntables based on this model. I believe they used the Lyrec/Neumann motor which looked like it turned the huge platter via a long shaft. I will try to find pictures of this beast.

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