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Post Subject: Plinth resonance and material frustrationPosted by enjoy_the_music on: 2/26/2008
Hi Romy and Guy

I've been checking out various plinths for my new DIY project. The project's base is a Technics Sp-10mk3 motor unit.

When you say a materials 'frustration' I guess you mean the choice of alloy and the quality of the casting? Inproper casting could results in higher stresses or varying material 'frustration'.

I was looking into resonances of materials. Some choices such as slate could reinforce the bass frequencies as it resonates at a slightly lower frequency than granite (~100hz). CLD type plinths may have a higher resonance still.

My thoughts were that the choice of materials and quality of casting allowed the design team to more accurately control the resonance frequency of the finished product.



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