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Post Subject: Nanut - to be or not to be, that is the question!Posted by JANDL100 on: 2/21/2008
 Romy the Cat wrote:

Yep, I do not like the rest of the Nanut Mahler at all. That Mahler 6 I think was a big accident….

The caT

Hmmm ... nor do I.

I don't think Nanut's superb Mahler 6 was an accident though.   Nanut's Bruckner 8 and much of his Beethoven symphonies are also wonderful (try the Beethoven 7th to start off with - Wow!!).

Accidents like that just don't happen.

I do agree that his inspiration was of variable quality, though.  I recently picked up on eBay (with great excitement!) a CD of Sibelius 2 with Nanut.   Really disappointing.  The guy did not have a clue.  :-(

Nonetheless, Nanut at his best is genuinely World Class, in my view.

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